Airliners and Transports

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Durable Douglas

The American Douglas company was famous for its piston prop passenger aircraft generation. After the DC-3 Gooney Bird, the much faster DC-4 and DC-6 four engine aircraft provided services for many airlines around the world. Here a South African Airways DC-4 is seen.
Tu 334
Turning Tupolev

The Tupolev Tu-334 was intended to replace older passenger airplanes on short and medium route networks of Russian airlines. Due to eroding funds and the difficult financial situation the project is moving at a very slow pace and even five years after the belated roll out of the type, the airplane is still not certified.
Triple-Seven takeoff

The huge General Electric engines are seen operating at its maximum as a Kuwait Airways Boeing B777 is getting airborne. The engines supply more than 400kN of thrust and have a diameter approximately equal to the fuselage cross-section of a Boeing B737.
Fabulous Fat Albert

The Lockheed Hercules is one of the most venerable transport aircraft that have ever existed. Taking-off is the TC-130G support aircraft of the Blue Angels demonstration team, which is seen using JATO (jet assisted take-off) packs. They supply additional thrust equivalent to a fifth engine and are used for operation out of short airstrips or within mountainous terrain.
TC-130G Hercules
A 321
Airbus Approach

An Airbus A 321 is returning to its Frankfurt base from a European flight after a busy day. Today airplanes transport more than a billion passengers every year and the contrails of criss crossing flights are visible in the glowing evening sky.
Awesome Antonow

The Antonov Design Bureau from the Ukraine is famous for its large transport aircraft. The An-124 Condor has received its reputation through numerous cargo charters all over the world and is ideal for outsize cargoes, as it can be loaded from front and rear. Even bigger is the six-engined An-225 Mriya (Dream), which has the same cross section as the aforementioned type but is significantly longer and therefore can carry 250 tonnes of cargo internally or on top of the fuselage.
Banking Boeing

A Thai Airways B747-400 is seen banking as it turns onto final for Hong Kong-Kai Tak's Runway 13. Note the extended Krueger flaps on the wing leading edge.
Waterbombing Beriev

A Beriev Be-200 amphibian is seen dropping its 12 tonnes waterload, the tanks for which can be recharged in 14 seconds when scooping water from a lakeside. Reconfiguration of the airframe allows for 7,5 tonnes of cargo or a maximum of 72 passengers. Named Be-210 this passenger version could operate from water areas 1330 m in length and 3 m deep.
Returning Regional

Regional jets have in many areas taken the role of commuter props. Smaller operators provide services for larger national airlines to prop up passenger numbers on their international routes.